Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Musings

I am sad to say that my mind was feeling quite empty this Sunday. It isn't that I haven't been musing lately. In actuality, I have been musing over a number of things. But, I couldn't get my thoughts organized in quite the right way for a post. So, I did what I often do when I am trying to spur a creative breakthrough; I take to the web. And, happily, I discovered Adore Home Magazine has just launched its newest issue. The pages of this magazine always excite me with their color and style. This time, as usual, I was not disappointed, and I thought, instead of a musing per se, I would share some visual stimulation/inspiration on this Monday morning.

This issue allowed us into some glamorous ladies' closets. The first two pictures are of Megan Hess's closet. She is a fashion illustrator, and I am dying over her outfit. So fab. She also has recently collaborated with Henri Bendel on a line of gorgeous silk scarves.  Check out Megan and her amazing wardrobe:

The next closet belongs to Mai Khot, who writes the blog A Cup of Mai. I wish I had a room dedicated to clothes and accessories. A girl can dream, right? Notice, she loves a good chevron. My kind of lady.

I just love the use of color and pattern (and wallpaper) in this whimsical house belonging to Angela Perikic, which was designed by Greg Natale.

I hope these cheery images bring a little sunshine to the start to your week! See you tomorrow with a terrific vanity post.

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