Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dream Room: Bedroom Design - Bedding

In the bedroom design process, we are at the bedding phase! We have the inspiration, we have now narrowed down the headboards, and away we go. Annie sent me her selection of preferred headboards, and from her picks, I have decided to go with this baby. (I'll figure out the color once we nail down the bedding.) I adore this bed, and I think Annie will love it just as much in ten or fifteen years as she does now. While poking around on Serena and Lily's website, I discovered their amazing bedding tool. It's fabulous! You can pick different options for your bed and see how they will look in combination. Here are some I put together for this room:

Serena and Lily bedding

The last combo is a little off from Annie's original colors, but it is tranquil and pretty, so I threw it in.

If you are in the market for bedding, you must check out these other amazing options:
Leotine Linens has the.most.amazing.monograms.ever. Period.
Matouk sheets are the ultimate in luxurious decadence.
Biscuit Home has beautiful bedding at more reasonable prices than some of these others.
John Robshaw has terrific prints.

And there is always:
Pottery Barn and you can't go wrong.
Garnet Hill for whimsical patterns and colors.
West Elm and Crate and Barrel for a more modern look.
Don't overlook the teen versions of Pottery Barn (PB Teen) and Crate and Barrel either (Land of Nod)!

One more option...

Ripple duvet from Matouk

So pretty!
One more? 


This one is completely different than the other choices and is decidedly more masculine, but just imagine it with some pink pillows and a pink throw. Lovely.

Okay, now for the hard part: picking one. What strikes your fancy?

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