Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Musings: S***

Yup, that sums it up. Sunday night rolls around and all I can say to that is s***. Today, I am reserving the right to have crappy ideas. This weekend's crappy idea was that I could catch up on all the work for the "real" job on which I am behind (millions of hours of work--perhaps I exaggerate, but there is nothing like a deadline to kick your butt into gear.), enjoy the beautiful weather, and take care of planning my blog for the week. I overestimate myself sometimes. Wildy.

Needless to say, all of the aforementioned did NOT happen. Sunday night saw me sitting at my desk covered in a mound of paper and books, papers shooting out of the nearby printer as though I were running a national newspaper up in here, mugs of tea and cups of water everywhere, spandex needing to be get the picture. So, I apologize for thinking there were more hours in the day than there were. Actually, this is literally true this weekend as we lost an hour. I am still in mourning for that tragedy.

Today, I crapped out on you. And I'm sorry. But, you better believe this girl is going to get her s*** together and be back tomorrow with something fantastic. Hope your week is off to a smoother start than mine!


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