Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Musings: Is The West Coast The Best Coast?

This week, I read a hilarious article, "Mirror, Mirror," in the San Francisco magazine 7 x 7. The article's author, Wes Turncoat (who writes under a faux name), compares the sartorial philosophies of New York and San Francisco. He writes:
In contrast to the eye candy that is New York's street fauna, flora-loving San Francisco serves up eye Tofurkey. Why must every cubicle dweller in town be clad in technical outerwear, as if eternally prepared for a camping emergency? And ladies, what is this devotion to Lululemon? Must a girl always be ready to bend over the moment someone barks out "downward dog?" And I can't even fathom what's going on with the hipster crowd. Unlike the Brooklyn variety, Mission dwellers dress as if they were trying to look ugly. Show me a guy or girl in the Mission wearing a thoroughly considered ensemble, and I'll show you the black Uber car that transported them from the Marina.
My husband wears technical outerwear almost everyday to work. If I ever have a camping emergency, he's my go-to guy.

Turncoat says that while New Yorkers truly care about appearance, San Franciscans give more credence to a person's "inner-splendor." While that sounds nice, I think it's actually an insult. And I also think it might be true.

In our family, we have an ongoing debate about the particular merits of each coast. My brother likes to denigrate the great city of San Francisco. He is sure that New York is far superior in all ways. I think New York is great, but I do think that San Francisco has a lot to recommend it. You can drive for ten minutes and be at the beach. Twenty minutes across the bridge and you can hike the beautiful hills of Marin. A train ride downtown will land you at some of the country's best restaurants, and, frankly, I LOVE the fact that I can wear a spicy spandex ensemble whenever I feel like it. But, I think that this trend might be dangerously infectious.

While in Paris, I found myself scoping the streets for "comfortable" clothes, like sweatshirts. That is crazy. Seriously. I think I drank the athletic-wear Kool-Aid of SF. This past weekend, we went hiking in Marin and ended at a terrific spot on the trail called the Tourist Club, which is a German biergarten. We had actually hiked in to the spot, but it was possible to park nearby and wander down. I was amused at the bevies of young women who certainly hadn't been hiking anywhere and were clearly wearing their "fancy" workout clothes and full make-up to come to this outdoorsy location.

So, maybe we don't wear as much Gucci and Prada as the fashion elite of New York, but here in SF we not only have casual workout wear, we also have dressy workout wear, and that's pretty sweet. While the jury is still out on which coast is best, I enjoy our city's sartorial flexibility because sometimes I want to wear sweats and sometimes I want to get gussied upand take a black Uber car to the Marina, and in SF that's just fine.

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  1. Haha! I loved this post:) I've yet to visit SF, but I have a feeling it's quite lovely in its own way.