Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Musings: The Dirty Thirty

Donuts and birthdays are synonymous in my mind. I always eat donuts on my birthday.

Well, it's finally happened. Thirty has descended upon me. I made it through alive. Barely. If your birthday is supposed to set the tone for the year ahead, then this one is going to be a doozy. Let's just say, it was an interesting weekend...

On Sunday when things had quieted down, I thought about the list I made when I first started the blog, the list of things I hoped to accomplish in the year leading up to 30. Here it is:
1. Pay off credit card debt.
2. Get pregnant! (Exclamation point warranted.)
3. Finish my novel.
4. Keep a blog. (That means regular posting, lady.)
5. Take a class in interior design.
6. Work out. (And actually push myself.)
7. Stop obsessing. (Impossible, but hey, why not put it on the list?)
8. Turn my shopping obsession into something productive or profitable (What would this thing be? I have no idea.) (By the way, do I actually have a shopping addiction? If so, get treatment.)
This was the first post I ever wrote, and I wrote it four days after I turned 29. So, I thought it might be time to recap on how I did this year on my to-do list.

1. Slow and steady...making progress and getting finances under control in a grown up way. I would say progress is moderate on this front.
2. No. (I'll leave it at that.)
3. Extra super no. Haven't written a page since last year. Great. Way to go.
4. Yay! I did it! I accomplished this goal, and I, if I do say so myself, did quite a good job of posting five days a week all year. Rocking on with my bad self.
5. No. Actually, I have kind of lost interest in taking a class in this area. I'd prefer to simply experiment with things that make me smile.
6. Well, it's complicated. Yeah, I go to the gym...and every fifth or sixth time, I push myself.
7. No. Failed. Never going to accomplish this, but will continue to obsess over it and put it on every list until the end of time. 
8. Haven't found a way to make a profit from shopping yet and haven't had addiction diagnosed, but have tried to be a little more reasonable and restrained despite the few times I've fallen off the wagon.

Not too impressive on the check list front, but 29 was a good year. I worked at a job I enjoyed, I explored a terrific city, I traveled to Paris, my brother got married, my husband's company was funded, friends got pregnant, friends had babies, friends got married, I made new friends who are the kind of friends anyone would be lucky to have, I wrote a blog and people liked it, and I learned that people can like me just for being myself. Maybe that was the best thing that happened in the 29th year.

I didn't really like being a teenager. I was awkward, and angsty, and miserable much of the time, painfully self conscious, and wondering if life would always be that way. My twenties were so much better. I found out that I was competent at my chosen profession, I married a person who was exactly right for me, I started to travel, I moved 3000 miles away from the people I thought I couldn't live without (and we all survived), I learned that taking risks can open up your world and your life in unexpected ways, and I grew up. I would say that I loved a lot of my twenties. And, because we are now on an upward trajectory, I believe that my thirties will be even more fun than the past ten years have been. While a year ago I think I may have referred to "thirty breathing down my neck like a beast," today, thirty feels okay. It feels like the beginning of something. 

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