Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Musings: Cleaning House

There is nothing like sunshine to illuminate all the dust (metaphorical and literal) that has been collecting in my home. J. sometimes says he thinks it would be nice to have friends over for brunch. My response is always, "No! Our apartment looks better by candle light." I have a neurosis about dust. I see it lurking everywhere, and I have to whip out my trusty Swiffer duster and hit it where it hurts. That is why I prefer a good dinner party any day.

The last few weekends in SF have been dreamy. Sunny, warm, breezy. Love it. And the beauty of this weather has exacerbated my deep hatred for my mini-blinds. I know--this is a strange reaction to have to beautiful weather. Most people would think, "Oh, let's go to the park" or " Let's sit outside in our yard and have a coffee," but not this girl. I think "Those bad boys are going down." Mini-blinds are the world's most powerful dust magnets. Living in a rental is tricky because you want it to be pretty, you want it to be homey, but you don't want to put money into things that you can't take with you.   I have been complaining about these blinds since we moved in. Besides being a horrible crime against tasteful home decor, they love to dance with the dust. When the windows are open, them seem to welcome the dust and grime from the street inside to visit. Finally, today, we decided to kick those mini-blinds to the curb. I am quite sure that this decision stemmed from the cost being offset by the potential for silence on my end of the subject of said blinds.

Taking care of this home update spurred me to start cleaning out my closet. Wowzah. Girl's got some clothes. I decided, in the spirit of spring cleaning, that I was going to perform a serious closet purge. The ten dollar tee-shirt with pit stains that I bought five years ago no longer needs to be transitioned in and out with the seasons. Because I spent the majority of my life on the east coast, I still have a seasonal wardrobe, but I don't need so many seasonally specific items any more. I also used to work at a place where I wasn't allowed to wear jeans, but people really did not dress up for work either, so I am the proud owner of a large number of "mom-capris." Now if you are thinking, what is wrong with capris, I say, nothing is wrong with a "cropped pant," but a wider leg, cuts you off at mid-calf kind of capri is not appropriate attire for a 29 year old (for one more week, baby) gal who fancies herself relatively up to speed with style in the year 2013. Out they went.

A few bags of clothes to sell and a set of new plantation blinds later, I feel quite liberated. I think a good clean is akin to meditation, massage, a beautiful glass of wine, the laughter of babies, the scent of a cake in the oven--in other words, CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS.

Tomorrow, I have a vanity post for you!

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