Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dazzle Me With Diamonds

...okay not diamonds, but I have been keeping a pinboard of jewelry that catches my eye, and I thought that I might take this opportunity to share some designers with you with whom you might not be familiar.

MARGARET ELIZABETH: I have definitely posted about her before (because I'm obsessed), but these are two of my favorite pieces: ring & necklace

TORY BURCH: Everyone knows TB, but I just love this bracelet.

ELVA FIELDS: Her necklaces will take your breath away. 

ARCHIBALD: I met the lovely designer of this line in Paris. Her work is beautiful, and she is so sweet. I bought the sun pendant necklace, and I love it. Some of my favorites of hers: headband (really cool) - ring - bracelet - necklace

LOREN HOPE: Always excited to see her new work. I adore these three pairs of earrings from her spring line: Petra - Leda - Starburst

MIGUEL ASES: Love the combination of hot pink and mint on these drop earrings.

NOBLE HOUSE DESIGNS: This designer has moved from her Etsy shop to a new site that showcases all of her amazing, colorful, statement making designs. These are my three favorite necklaces: Dallas - Morningside - Addison (my absolute fave)

ASOS: Yes, they have jewelery. Love these earrings. And the price? Oh yes.

HYLA DEWITT: The shapes of her gold pieces are so beautiful. I adore: Lexi - Ava - Grace

All of these pieces are perfect for spicing up your spring wardrobe. I also happen to have a birthday coming up on the 24th. Just saying...

I definitely operate under the assumption that if i post/say/pin/mention something enough times, the universe will send it my way. That's how it works, right?

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