Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What's In My Bag? Dressing for Travel

I am going with a travel theme this week. Appropriate, n'est pas? I had a very difficult time deciding what to wear on my long jaunt because I was flying from San Francisco to New York, spending the entire day in the airport (blogging mania!!), and then traveling on to Paris where I did not want to arrive looking disheveled, smelly, sloppy, and wrinkly. This is what I put together, and I think it traveled quite well.

I finally wore my wonderful cape, which works amazingly well as a blanket on the plane, and, even if you are sloppy underneath, throw this on and you are suddenly chic and sophisticated.

I paired that with an oxford blue tunic, which was from J.Crew and is no longer available. If you are comfortable with a shorter length, this option is similar.

I am not a legging wearing person in general, but drastic times call for drastic measures. This, in my opinion, was an appropriate time for leggings. I went with the J.Crew signature legging in black. The pair shown here, the ponte pant, is another great and opaque option (very important when wearing leggings).

I wasn't sure about shoes. I plan on mostly wearing boots during the trip, but on the plane, particularly when traveling for such a long time, I really like to take my shoes off. Thanks to a suggestion from Ashley, I found these Lucky ballet flats that are perfect for slipping on and off in the security lines and on board.

I recently received a gift certificate for Timbuk2, and, while I probably wouldn't have purchased a bag there on my own, I am really happy with this travel bag I bought. The interior pockets kept me organized.

I try not to wear a lot of jewelry when I travel, so I wore simple pearl studs.

Of course, a red nail felt terribly fancy/Parisian (even though the color is called Russian Roulette).

Because I wasn't sure when I would be washing my face (gross, I know) I wanted something on my skin that would cover my dark marks from my now healing (but still lurking) breakouts. The Amazonian Clay line from Tarte is great. And, if I start getting to look like a grease ball, these Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets restore me to radiance (well, relatively speaking).

A little Aquaphor for any dry areas (hands, lips, face, anywhere!), and I am off!


  1. I hope you're having a blast in Paris, Meredith. Those flats are perfection. They look a gazillion times more expensive than they are, too! xxo

  2. Love this cozy and functional ensemble! I'll have to try the Tarte foundation. I recently got their blush and I love it! Hope you're having a swell time:)