Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Good...

February 7-14 is the Fall 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Manhattan, and all the stylish people are out to play in the snow and find out what they'll be wearing in the year to come. As you may remember from my past "coverage" of Fashion Week, I am not that into looking at the runway shows because, quite frankly, I will probably be wearing whatever J.Crew is selling in any giving season. But, I adore the photos of the street style at these events. Some people look so beautiful and give me lots of ideas of how to spice up my wardrobe, and some people look so heinous (and it is those people who give me the greatest joy).

Because there was just so much fashion goodness to share with you, my very own coverage from across the country will span two days. Today, we will look at the glamor girls who chic-ify the streets of New York.

It is difficult to look beautiful and stylish while fighting off high winds and snow, but these woman look elegant and sophisticated. I love all the colorful coats and furry hats. I think some of these looks just go to show you that classic is never wrong. Cobalt blue and oxblood still appear to be trending color wise, patterned pants and leather leggings were everywhere, and I love the dose of winter white, particularly paired with camel coats. (That was a lot of alliteration.)

But, don't worry. I am not going soft just because this post is admirational. Check back for a hearty dose of snark and mockery tomorrow.

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