Wednesday, February 13, 2013

...The Bad, and The Ugly

Let the fun commence. I have decided that if you somehow make your way into the category of human beings generally deemed "the beautiful people," you can pretty much wear anything, and people will take your picture and say you are stylish. I truly believe this because if it is not true, I am not sure how these looks are possible.

Hats were a big trend at Fashion Week. It was a blizzard afterall. Some people got it so right...

 And then there was that girl...Spiky Spice.

When you want to hit the street and scope the latest styles with your favorite male partner in fashion crime, you might think that coordinating looks is a good idea. I would caution against it because one might run the risk of looking strangely like the Griswold's neighbors in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

This "couple" took the risk...

...and looked red hot. But some other couples...

...did not. Yup. They look crazy. I am particularly amazed by that one piece, caped, matching printed ensemble on the left. I hope it's a one-of-a-kind.

I would like to title the next set of looks "I'm Off My Meds!"

The Gestapo were out and clearly not impressed that this lady left half her pants at home.

Having to be beautiful takes a toll on all women. But, these women seem to be particularly hard done by. (And they may or may be mainlining heroin to deal with their angst.)

And the last thing I learned form observing fashion week is that if you are Miroslava Duma, you can dress like a train conductor, and you will still be considered one of the best dressed women in the world. Oh to be her.

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