Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sweets and Eats

When people think of Paris, they often think of beautiful and delicate pastries, creamy cheese, and crispy baguettes. And Paris, well, she doesn't disappoint. Though you won't be able to taste it, I do hope that these images can provide a feast for your eyes!

Let's begin with Laduree. Oh, Laduree. For Christmas, my mom gave me a book, Paris: An Inspiring Tour of the City's Creative Heart. I read much of the book before my trip, and when I read about Laduree, I knew I would track it down immediately! There are a few different locations in the city, and I think I might have hit each and every one. Each has a slightly different feel, but we had tea at the one on the Champs-Elysee, whose interior is reminiscent of Versailles. If you can't tell from (all) the photos, I was a bit obsessed. 

Caroline, who I mentioned in an earlier post, told me about Pierre Herme, a pastry chef who trained at Laduree. He now has his own shop on Rue Bonaparte that is truly exquisite.

This lovely rose and raspberry delight came back to the hotel with me for tea!

And then there was all the bread (and crossisants-can't forget about them).

Hello there, lonely pain au chocolat!
 Of course, we did manage to eat some non-sweets. But, of course, we followed them up with dessert!


Would you like some butter with your cheese? 

Unfortunately, I didn't bring the camera on the most amazing gastronomic experience of the trip, our dinner at Semilla at 54 Rue de Seine. I borrowed this image to give you a sense of the space:

Again, Caroline came to our aid and got us a table when the hotel conceirge told us that was not possible! That meal will be one I will always remember, particularly the chestnut soup. If you are ever in Paris, you must visit Semilla. The restaurant is lovely, the staff is fantastic, and the neighborhood in which it is located (Saint Germain) is also such a delight, so leave yourself plenty of time to wander and explore!

Anyone else feel like a glass of champagne and a nice crusty baguette?