Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Musings

Anyone else?

Okay, I wrote a long musing, but then I deleted it because it was boring and when it is Monday morning, the last thing anyone needs is some long contemplation on nothing that will put him/her into a coma. Thankfully, I have just saved you from that experience.

Instead of long and winding prose, let's resort to some bullet points, shall we?

1. I am leaving for Paris in five days.  (Sorry, had to say it again in case anyone forgot.)
2. My vacation starts in five days.
3. I will not have to go to work for a five days.
4. It is hard to do work when (in five days) you are going to Paris... on a vacation.
5. the number of days until I leave the country... for my Paris.

So, now you know what's really on my mind this morning.

Happy Monday! Get ready for a Fashion Week recap starting tomorrow. 

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