Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

This weekend, I stumbled across a wonderful project designed and compiled by Jen Ramos of Made by Girl called Cartas de Amor. In honor of Valentine's Day, she asked a number of bloggers to submit love letters, and she put them into a little magazine. I particularly adore the pen pal letter between the couple who met as children. Romantic, n'est pas?

This year I will celebrate my eleventh Valentine's day with my husband. We starting dating at 18 (we missed Valentine's day that year by a few months), and we have been together ever since. I love to write him notes, and, at the risk of embarrassing him, here is what I want to say to him today:


Happy Valentine's day to each of you. Don't forget to tell the people you love how much you love them today and always; Valentine's Day is just an excuse to do it a little bigger and more vocally. And certainly don't forget the beauty of a handwritten love note. (Don't worry-J. is getting one of those, too.) Mwah!

image courtesy of Jen Ramos and Made by Girl


  1. So sweet, and I'm loving the Pugly Pixel bow:) Happy Valentine's Day!!!

    1. I am now the proud owner of Blog Bling, thanks to you!!

  2. sooo nice thank you for sharing! happy vday! xoxox