Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Flight (001) Essentials

When preparing for my trip, I popped into this great store in Hayes Valley called Flight 001. It has everything a gal could need for a jet across the globe. Their products put the fun in functional, and kick everything up with a hearty dose of color. I had to keep myself on a short leash in this place, but I did leave with this terrific See cosmetics bag, a foldable map, a hot pink luggage tag, and a little pill container. Yeah. I suppose that means I failed with my shopping addiction...again.

How cute is all this color? I particularly like their humorous take on travel gear. For instance, the lingerie bag reads, "Put your lacy lingerie in this bag and away from inquiring minds."  The blue luggage tag assures baggage agents that you are a "Photographer (Not a tourist)." I adore the Paris tote (although I must admit it took me a minute to get the joke)! If case you are looking and not getting it, it is a pun on "S'il vous plait," which means, "If you please." I please, thank you! And doesn't it look cute filled with a colorful toothbrush and umbrella. Even their adapters are fun and fancy! If your globetrotting inner voice is calling, this is your one-stop-shop.

All products pictured are from Flight 001 (with the exception of those cute Madewell shades).

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