Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Color Crush

I took the cue from all the bloggers out there who go from room to outfit, or from art to room decor, or from one pretty thing to something else lovely. I picked out a painting I adore and turned it into outfit inspiration! While I would never have put this together had I not been inspired by Claire Dejardins beautiful colors, I am loving the Kate Spade-esque combination. Perhaps this would be fitting for a cheerful Valentine's date!

From one pretty thing to another...

J.CREW coat . MM COUTURE dress . BAUBLE BAR love bracelet. BAN.DO glitter heart .  BLAIR RICHEY clutch . KATE SPADE heels . BAUBLE BAR earrings . J.CREW scarf


  1. I'm kind of obsessed with that painting now. Thanks! And I love the outfit.

    1. I adore that painting. You should google some of her other pieces. Equally beautiful. There are a bunch on my Pinterest as well!