Thursday, January 31, 2013

They're Here!

The J.Crew spring looks have arrived! And I am a smitten kitten. I knew I would love this line last year when it appeared at Fashion Week. So many beauties. Now I just have to wait for that "Darling" sweater! (It also happens to be time for J.Crew rewards, which is how they keep luring me back in. Damn them.)

Want to add a little spring to your step? How about something pastel, mint, or striped!
The bag? It is very Celine, but significantly more moderately priced. Those striped pants? Hello, lovely! And the Sperry's? I am pretty sure those were on Pinterest boards around the world today! They are certainly on mine. I love the lady-like styles and Easter egg colors. Delightful! Anything on your wish list?


  1. Some of your boards just got themselves a new follower, missy.

  2. So many beautiful new items! Drooling.