Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Wedding

Are you breathless yet?

Okay, just to forewarn you, there are too many pictures. Really. I am trying to narrow them down. But, I want to show you everything because it was such an amazing weekend. So, hope you're ready for the rundown! Is it okay if we recap this instead of the Golden Globes?

The weekend started on Thursday night. I arrived in the afternoon, bought me some Spanx, and headed to the hotel. We stayed at The Roger Hotel, a location that had the perfect modern, New York City vibe that epitomized the weekend. That night, we embarked on our first outing at Kefi for a relaxed evening with the soon-to-be bride and groom.

The one real tragedy of the weekend is that my dad took a million pictures and his camera was stolen while he was packing the car. Most of the pictures from that night were on that camera. While we are very upset about this, thankfully someone was hired to capture the big day!

Cut to Friday: The rehearsal dinner was phenomenal. It was at Locanda Verde, a veritable New York hot spot. The gals got their hair done at Drybar, which I was very excited about. But, I HATED my hair. I really wish I had done it myself. Oh well. The food was amazing, I gave my speech, and it was well received, and the almost married couple looked stunning.

I love cake.

All the new siblings!
And then came Saturday. Almost time...But first, there was a lot of prepping and beautifying to be done.

I was salivating over that make-up table, but restrained myself from stealing anything.

We were all a little wired when we headed out for the photos. The nervous energy was contagious.

The bride and groom looked truly dapper. A regular James Bond and his beautiful bride. So lovely.

The ceremony and reception were held at Studio 450, which is a blank loft space that can become whatever you can imagine!

If you're wondering about that last photo, it is the Pinkberry ladies serving it up! No cake at this wedding!

And then they were married! I love my brother. I love my new sister. I loved the weekend. I couldn't have been happier to have been a part of it. Wish we could do it all again!

Special thanks to all my friends and family whose photos I stole! xo


  1. What a gorgeous wedding!! So sorry to hear about your dad camera :( Karma is coming for that person. Where are the robes yall got ready in from?? I love them!

    1. I will have to ask the bride! She gave them to us as a gift. When they return from their "staycation" I will find out!

  2. Love the reception colors! My wedding was also white on white decor, but had silver and chartreuse green accents

  3. What?! Pinkberry?! That is officially the best wedding ever blogged. Everyone looked stunning. :) Kudos to your brother and his new bride.