Monday, January 28, 2013

SAG Style

I didn't even know the SAG awards were happening. I was so busy having my weekend of fun that I think I missed the memo. The weekend of fun was terrific, in case you were wondering. My brother and I parted ways only on Saturday evening when I had a girls' night out. After finding myself at both Make-out Room and Elbo Room, I have officially decided that I am too old for those kind of nights out. Yes. It's official. But, that's not what we are talking about this morning. So, I did get to catch the SAGS, and because I didn't recap the Golden Globes, let's commence the scrutiny.

There was quite a bit of black on the red carpet. I like black. It usually looks quite chic...

...but I am not a huge fan of Claire Danes's or Julie Bowen's looks. Don't get me wrong. Claire Danes looks insane after just having a baby, and I love the shape of Julie Bowen's dress, but I am not digging the pattern on Claire's dress or the Catwoman-esque leather on Julie. I do like Jenna Elfman's LBD.

There was also a smattering of navy, and I was really digging these looks.

Jennifer Lawrence is stunning and so articulate. Nicole Kidman is an automaton. Nothing new there. And Amanda Seyfried's arms? I'll take two.

Some gals were rocking their winter whites.

 How adorable does Kiernan Shipka look! What a sweet dress. I quite like the bodice of Kerry Washington's dress. And, Naomi Watts, aka my husband's dream girl, looks beautiful as always.

These ladies must have been green with envy...

...because they didn't quite get it together. Jessica Pare's dress is beautiful, but I am not sure about her sock bun. Morena Baccarin, you are one of the hottest ladies around and this dress makes you look like you are emerging from a swampy bog. #fail

Oh look! These ladies came dressed as Black & White cookies! How cute.

No and No. Not working.

Now for what I consider to be the worst looks of the evening.

Where to begin. Kelly Cuoco's hair. I can't get past it to focus on the dress. Actually this dress is designed by Romana Keveza, the designer of my wedding dress. Gulp. Moving on. Ellie Kemper just looks eh in this weird mermaid colored dress that, to me, feels downright geriatric. Busy Phillips is pregnant. Did you notice? I love the idea of her outfit, but she looked (1) like she couldn't breath and (2) like she was going to bust those seems right open. #tootight

For all those who lose, there are those who win. These hotties stole the show.

Maria Menounos is no A-lister, but this dress is A-mazing. Her body is A-stonishing. Everything about her is A-plus. Damn girl. Nina Dobrev looks freakishly tiny and totally gorg in this hot pink number. #winning

Tune in tomorrow to check out another vanity!

All photos via Huffington Post.

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  1. I wasn't really bowled over by anyone. Usually Anne Hathaway or Julianne Moore would do the trick. Not this time. I do think that Marion Cotillard looked great.