Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Musings

How is this possible? I am still sick. I spent the entire weekend supine with my head buried under used Kleenex. If this thing is a cold, it is the nastiest beast of all colds that ever came knocking. J. is sick too, so even though we thought that being back in CA would allow us to catch up on personal time (let's face it, during the holidays there just isn't much couple time carved out), we have barely looked at each other save to say "Pass the Day/Ny-Quil" depending on the hour. We tried to venture out for breakfast this morning, but about half way through the meal we both thought we were running fevers and proceeded to drag ourselves home. Not pretty.

I have been kept company by a new show I downloaded: The Big C. No, there is nothing more uplifting when you are sick than a show about a woman with stage-4 melanoma. Actually the show is three seasons deep, but we don't get Showtime, so I snagged my parent's xfinity password and now a whole new world of TV has opened up to me. Actually, the show only has moments of sob-worthiness. Most of it is actually funny, lighthearted, or at least heartwarming. If you get this horrible cold and need something to pass the time (or if you are just a TV junkie aficionado like me) then I recommend it.

I wanted to do a quick update on Girls, which had its season premiere last week. I have to say that I was a little underwhelmed by the first episode. Hannah isn't quite the gal she was at the close of the last season, and I'm slightly disappointed because I liked her so darn much. But, I am withholding judgment until we get further into the season. I have to say that I have had my concerns that super-stardom will have a negative effect on the show. Please prove me wrong, Lena. I am counting on you. Anyone else watch the premiere? What did you think?

When I was at Drybar before the wedding, they were running a promotion with HBO for free blowouts for one hour a day during the week leading up to the premiere. They were also playing the show on big screens in the salon space. The woman who was doing my hair said it was disgusting pornography. I told her I thought it was funny and had watched it during Christmas break with my dad. I am pretty sure that is why my hair came out the way it did. She probably thought I was a freak who deserved to look like one. Oh well. At least I have a sense of humor.

Here's to Monday being my day of healing! Up! I command myself! Let's get back into the world!

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  1. I've heard good things about The Big C. (And the ubiquitous Homeland, which is on my list. I don't have Showtime either.)

    And I do watch Girls! I have to admit to being in the same boat with you on this one. I've watched both Season 2 episodes, and so far...hmmm. It's almost like blasphemy to say anything against such a critic and fan favorite. (See also: this season of Modern Fam.) I agree that it seems to be suffering a bit at the moment. Hopefully it will turn around.

    Sidenote: did you get my e-mail? I hope so!