Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Musings: Shame on Me

There is so much to talk about (Golden Globes, Girls premiere, wedding recap), yet I don't think I ever remember being this tired in my life! Shame on me for promising a recap today and not taking into account that I would have NO time to put one together! Just quickly though, this weekend was amazing. It was truly a wonderful celebration of love and family. My heart was very full, and I found that I am becoming quite a little crier. Great. That being said, the party started on Thursday, and Sunday evening at 10pm I arrived back in San Francisco having had what seemed to be about twelve hours sleep all weekend. I promise this week I will cover all the wonderful topics that I should have been musing about today. I have a particularly terrific vanity post to come, but I will push it later in the week so as to fill you in on all the wedding details. In the meantime, hope you start the week off right. Lots to come as soon as I recover!

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