Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's All About Sole

Loads and loads of bloggers have already told the world about Sole Society, but I haven't, so here I am! I am not telling you about it because I have a give-away or a sponsorship (no such luck). I am telling you about it because I buy their shoes, I love their shoes, and I think you should know about this awesome brand. Not only are these shoes inexpensive, they are insanely, strangely comfortable. Usually shoes that are relatively inexpensive are not as well made and therefore not as comfortable as expensive shoes, and having bought my first really expensive pair of shoes this year I do think you can tell the difference. But, these shoes look and feel expensive on your feet. Their recent styles are just adorable. Do yourself a favor and check out these pretty pairs.

My Top Ten:

1. Melody: I love these so much I had to show you both lovely colors. (49.95)
2. Melanie: Very chic. (49.95)
3. Harper: I don't own these, but I might have to. Are these Parisian chic? I think so. (49.95)
4. Brooke: Though I am really quite a heel-phobe, I think these look manageable. (59.95)
5. Callie: In blue? A must have. (49.95)
6. Addison: I can personally vouch for these! Wear them all day at work and feel no pain! (69.95)
7. Peony: My favorite flower and a can't miss glittery flat. (49.95)
8. Tanya: Hot pink is always a go. (49.95)
9. Sandra 2.0: When they weather gets warm, I hope to be showing off my toes in these. (49.95)
10. Martine: Reminiscent of a similar style by Valentino. (49.95)

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