Thursday, January 17, 2013


This week Glitter Guide and The Everygirl brought their A-game. Love these home tours. When we first moved into our apartment, I was frustrated by the whiteness. I wanted to paint everything. But, looking at the homes of these stylin' ladies makes me realize that my crazy obsession with color is best kept off the walls where it cannot be easily changed out.

The first home was featured on The Everygirl and belongs to Hollie Hill. (Such a cute name, right?) She is the voice behind the blog Home with the Hills,  and she currently lives in this adorable house in Atlanta. Check it:

I absolutely love the color scheme for this house: a lot of large neutral pieces with happy, bright pops of color everywhere. I particularly love the drapes and folding screen behind the beds. So clever! And, I am crazy for that bench behind her table. What an eye this lady has!

Interestingly, the vibe in the next house is very similar. This sweet place was featured on Glitter Guide and belongs to Bradley Agather of the fantastic blog Luella & June. (By the way, check out her recent posts about Harbour Island here and here. That's where I honeymooned!) She just mentioned that she recently found a new place with her fiance where they will live after her upcoming wedding, so this apartment won't be this way for much longer. Love this place, and can't wait to see her new digs!

I just adore her bedding, and those pink chairs? Come on. Fab! I think I am learning from these ladies that a little color goes a long way. Reign it in, lady. That is my new motto. Hope these beautiful rooms inspire you as much as they inspire me.

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  1. I was going to again showcase Hollie's house on my blog too! She one of my friends in Atlanta and just as sweet in person :)