Friday, January 25, 2013

Fabulous Friday

So last night my hubs headed to NY for a bachelor party. You know what that means? This gal has the place all to herself. Now, this is not fabulous per se because I'd look forward to spending the weekend with my partner in crime, but I have some plans to keep myself busy. Don't you worry. This plan involves my brother. I am orchestrating M & K's weekend of fun! Woo hoo! We will be dining, shopping, putzing around the city, watching movies, sipping cocktails...I bet he is so excited right now. When you just need a weekend of fun and happiness there is nothing like having a girlfriend your brother to share it with. Let's look at some fabulous Pinterest pretty's to kick the weekend off right. (Want to know where all these lovely images come from? Go check out my Pinterest!) Make good choices. Make it count. See you on Monday.

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