Friday, January 4, 2013

Fabulous Friday: Cape Cod Edition

As I mentioned yesterday, I am beyond excited to get my hands on my family's fabulous new/old Cape house for some renovations and upgrades. Here's what I'm thinking for a color palette. This is really far from what I first imagined, but as I started putting ideas together, I kind of liked the muted tones and neutrals; there is something about it that feels like the seashore. Ultimately, it would be easy to change the style entirely by adding different colored accents if we outgrow this look. I'll let you know if the bosses (my parents) approve!

 I like the idea of painting the entire downstairs a light neutral in the grey family. These Farrow and Ball colors are in the range I'm thinking.

This gorgeous light fixture is perfect for over the dining table.

A comfy couch is a must for relaxing. This is where my mom and I am diverging. The house already has a futon that has been there forever. It is not comfortable, and it is not aesthetically pleasing. She doesn't want to replace it right away. I say that should be one of the first things to go! This grey linen will wear well, doesn't show marks, and looks so plush.

Of course, I would put candles in every damn nook and cranny because that's how I roll.

I think a beach house needs some whimsy, which is why I adore these three prints (oyster, smile, pirate). Who doesn't need a reminder to party like a pirate when they are on vacation!

Let's replace olden time knick-knacks with modern ones! How about a brass urchin, some quartz bookends, and, one of my personal favorites, the rope knot! (I have a number of these around my apartment. J. thinks they are the dumbest things he has ever seen. I like to hang them on door knobs.)

Instead of a traditional coffee table, I might do a tufted ottoman which would provide extra seating and a place to kick up our heels. 

Of course, there must be throws. I like the idea of incorporating some navy into this color palette. It is the beach after all.

In front of the fire place, I'd love to see some rope tied hurricanes and ginger jars. How pretty would that be?

I am downright batty for these pillows from These rose velvet numbers got me thinking about adding in this color in the first place. Each pillow has a different pattern on either side! Great, right?

A jute rug is perfect for this house. Wears well, looks beachy, and maintains the neutral vibe. We could also layer with something a bit softer under foot if so desired.

So, get out your checkbooks, Parents, cause this lady is going shopping!

P.S. How much fun would it be to have this print somewhere? So great.

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  1. I could not be more on board with this whole concept. And I hate to say it, but a futon is almost always a bad idea. Just bad. Please keep on working toward convincing Mom of this.