Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I have a confession. I shopped. I know. I know. I promised I wouldn't. But I did. And I also promised that I would be honest and tell you if I veered off course with my good intentions. So, here I am to confess my sins.

I decided that I couldn't go to Paris with just my old clothes (and how the new clothes from Christmas have already become old is something I don't understand myself, so don't ask me to explain). I had a few items in mind that I wanted to buy. It was the weekend of fun after all.

Fast forward to Monday morning when I left my house without both my keys and my wallet. This was a very bad situation. Not only was I locked out, but I had no money with which to get a coffee and sit somewhere and wait. I had the ridiculous idea that I would just ask nicely at some coffee shop and offer to pay when my husband came to pick me up. A wonderful little place down the street said "Sure!" (And, not only that, but they told me I'm welcome to come back and hang out if I ever lock my keys and wallet in the house again. I appreciate this because it is highly likely this will happen again.)

While waiting, I plowed through the entirety of Lessons From Madame Chic, the little handbook of Parisian living that I bought to prepare for my trip, sartorially speaking. What I learned is that most of my behavior is very un-chic, and the way to go in France is to maintain the 10 item wardrobe. Um, mine is a little bigger than that.

Though I did fail my no-shopping challenge (and, by the way, I am not giving up. Just getting right back on the horse.), I started to think about this idea of the ten item wardrobe as a new kind of challenge, one I am going to employ on the trip itself. Can I pack ten essentials (not including under pieces like tees and tanks, or shoes and accessories) and make it through a week in Paris? I think that seems doable. I am a little hesitant to try it at home. That just feels like crazy business.

All this being said, I did do part of what I said I'd do. I sold a large bag of clothes I never wear. That offset the cost of some of my purchases. But, part of the reason I cleared the clutter was to simplify. What Jennifer Scott talks about is buying the best you can afford, buying better items and less of them. Now this is a philosophy I can get behind. I think I, too, can learn a thing or to from Madame Chic. Materialism? Ce n'est pas chic!

Note: If you like (or think you'll like) the book, check out Jennifer's blog!


  1. A ten item wardrobe seems practical for traveling, but I don't know if I could do it at home... Although I do try to buy less items but of better quality.

    And have I told you I'm jealous of your trip to Paris? Well, I am. :P

  2. If at first you don't succeed, dust ya-self off an' try again, try again...