Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cape Cod, Here I Come!

This week something really exciting happened. My parents bought a house on Cape Cod. The house they bought has actually been in the family for over twenty years. My grandparents built it when I was little, and it was a source of endless happiness for us as a family. Growing up, we spent every summer on Cape Cod. I took acting classes at the Harwich Junior Theater, we ate our weight in fried food at Arnold's, we splashed around in the nearby lake, rode our bikes along the bike trail, and enjoyed the nearby National Seashore (but only after four pm when parking was free and there was no sun--my mother has always been very concerned about skin cancer).  When my grandma decided she needed to sell the house, I was devastated. Though I haven't spent nearly as much time as I'd like to up there in the last few years, I always imagined going there with my family and my siblings' families when we had children of our own. I was over the moon when my parents decided to buy the house. Now a whole new generation of memories can begin. And, I can start decorating!

Since the house was built, it has never had much updating. It was always a "beach house," and that meant that sheets and towels no one wanted in their "real" houses went there to die. (I am quite sure that the Wizard of Oz towel I always took to the beach is at least as old as I am.) Little knick knacks cluttered every surface available, and the general decor became outdated. No one really cared, but now I have the chance to put my own stamp on it.

Here are some images that I feel represent the kind of decor I imagine in the house. Tomorrow on Fabulous Friday, I'll put together some items I think would make this fabulous place a little more fun and fresh and a little less 1980. Summer cannot come soon enough.

The two above images of cabinets were from a house tour by Kristen Dowd of Gypsy Soul Interiors on Little Green Notebook. I adore how Kristen painted over old wooden cabinets because that is exactly what we need to do in our house. The result is stunning.


  1. Ok. Let's talk.

    A of all: congrats! This is the best news ever!

    2. Orange anchors on white sheets? Always yes.

    C. Do you watch Million Dollar Decorators?
    C. 1. If so, did you see the Nantucket place that Jeffery and his Kirsten Dunst doppelganger boyfriend did in the latest episode?

  2. It really is the best news ever! My sister told me to just order that whole bedroom if at all possible. I have watched Million Doctor Decorators, but I haven't seen that one. I will be on the look out!