Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Weather

My family has been working on capturing some moments over the past few days, and I thought I'd take this opportunity to share some of the sights of our holiday:

I am writing this at about 2am, I have loaded up with cookies again (where are you self-restraint?), and I am watching Toddles in Tiaras (A mother just announced that she only had children so that they could compete in pageants. Yes, she really said that on national television). Ah, vacation.

We are in the midst of "Winter Storm Euclid," which is a very academic name for a winter storm. It just so happens that my parents live on a street with the same name, so we are feeling very close to this particular weather event. After declaring that I would never speak to anyone again if we did not brave the treacherous weather and head to my uncle's house for dinner, we put on our best winter parkas and ventured out, in what turned out to be a much more intense snow than I anticipated, all in the name of the duck ragu waiting for us if we survived. Thanks to my dad's very careful driving, we made it out and back in one piece and had a wonderful time eating (many, many chocolates in the quest for a caramel) and continuing what is turning into the week long celebration of Christmas.

I'm using this winter storm as all the more reason to nestle in under some warm blankets, appreciate the Christmas lights, and work on building my layer of blubber for the long winter ahead. 

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