Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What's In My Bag?

Tomorrow I'm headed to Connecticut for a nice long holiday. Want to see what's in my bag?

Now, let's be honest. I would only be traveling this light if I were going away for maybe two days, but here are some of my staples for this holiday season:
  1. A white blouse always looks sophisticated. Works under a dress, works with jeans, gives you bang for your packing buck. 
  2. How cute is this little bow sweater! Love it! Perfect for a holiday event. 
  3. I am thinking of wearing this soft pink bejewled number to a bridal shower. It's fancy and whimsical. 
  4. I don't have these exact pants (I have an Elie Tahari version I bought a few years ago), but a slouchy pair of cropped black pants is exactly what I need so I can expand with Christmas dinner. You can let it all hang out and look put together at the same time. Score. 
  5. What you can't see is the adorable little bow at the back of the neckline on this striped top. Too cute. 
  6. My mother doesn't believe in heat. She lives in Connecticut. Enough said. Must travel with slippers.
  7. Just bought these beauties, and I cannot wait to wear them with everything!
  8. I never go anywhere without this shirt
  9. Flannel + cookies + presents + family = happy girl. 
  10. This dress is adorable as a tank dress or with a top underneath. I plan on changing up how I wear it so it can work for a few occasions. The fabric is perfect for travel as it is a stretchy knit that won't wrinkle.
More than anything, I cannot wait to hug my parents! Catch you on the flip side (of the country that is).

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