Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday Musings

The other night I was lying in bed when I had a realization.

I happened to be watching the show Hung about a History teacher and basketball coach whose wife leaves him for a wealthy dermatologist, and, because he is so tight on cash and afraid of losing his kids after his house burns down, he turns to his other great gift (his p---- (can I say that on here??)) to make a buck. As the name of the program suggests, he is, well...hung.
By the way, side note, this is a really awkward show to watch at the gym, which is primarily where I have been watching it. When Ray (whose prostitute name is...you guessed it...Richard (aka Dick)) is with his *ah-hem* clients I always feel the need to cover the screen so fellow gym goers do not think I'm just casually watching some porn. Ride the stationary bike. Throw on some porn. You know how it goes...
It is actually an amusing and, at times, even poignant show.

But then I started thinking about one of my other favorite shows: Breaking Bad.

This one is about a science teacher who finds out he has cancer and uses his high caliber chemistry background to make and deal crystal meth in order to pay his medical bills. Turns out he makes some sweet meth that the people of New Mexico just can't get enough of, plus he really likes being a bad ass drug dealer more than a lame ass high school teacher, so he quits the teaching gig and becomes Heisenberg, a nasty and cruel drug lord.  Way cooler than being Mr. White. (Notice the horrible similarity in our names?!?!?)

This is where the realization comes in.

Teachers are poor. They have to pimp and sling to support a reasonable, middle-class lifestyle. This is bad. I am a teacher. If you see me hangin' on the corner, you'll know what's up.

If the J.Crew bills get out of control, am I destined for a life of crime and debauchery? What will be my illicit profession of choice? 

Discuss amongst yourselves.


  1. Professional glitterer? You can commit random acts of flair.

    I LOVE both of these shoes (RIP, Ray and Tonya), and I happen to be a teacher as well. I did the high school thing for a year and almost went insane. Now I teach adults. Tah dah. :)