Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On My Radar: Cuyana

I have just discovered (excuse me if I'm late in arriving!) the wonderful website Cuyana. Their products are beautiful and simple, a collection that is timeless. And, to add to their already enticing product line, check out their mission:
1. Timeless Style: We add an unexpected twist to classic fashion by using globally sourced premium materials to design one-of-a-kind accessories.
2. Sustainable change: We rejuvenate communities by supporting small business, micro-industries, craftsmanship, and local water projects
3. Products with soul: Each piece celebrates a country’s culture, heritage and its people.
4. Shared vision: Join our global fashion revolution by contributing to the design esthetic of future Cuyana collections.
I'm a believer! These are some of my top picks:

1. I love the way this beautiful Merino Wool Scarf looks wrapped around the neck or open like this. It's almost like a sweater vest!

2. This Merino Wool Cape is topping my list. I showed the picture of it belted, but it is terrific without the belt too. So chic and perfect for a San Francisco weekend. I can wear leggings and a tee-shirt and still look like a fashionista if I top it with this!

3. As far as I'm concerned this it the winter of the Infinity Scarf, and this one in Alpaca is just divine.

4. These Stainless Steel Bangles are just plain cool. And, get this, if you purchase something for yourself, Cuyana will send a gift to one of your friends! You can either send one of these terrific bangles or a $25 gift card for use on the site. Um, amazing? I think yes.

5. This Leather Saddle Bag looks like a classic Coach style, but the price is insane. So lovely. 

6. This Leather Belt is featured on the cape. All of the products are one size fits all. Sizing is one of the main reasons I hate shopping online. Problem solved.

7. I just might order this Travel Case (Large). Besides being my fave color, it is luxe and grown up. And, since I am going back and forth to NY/CT a few times in the next month, I wouldn't mind having some really beautiful travel accessories.

8. I am in love. Come to me Canvas and Leather Weekend Bag. We belong together.

Anyone still need a little Christmas present for this gal? Just a thought...

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