Wednesday, December 26, 2012


As if the title weren't hint enough, I'm not really ready to be back "to work"! I love this bloggie baby, but I am also enjoying time spent in the company of my actual human (read not virtual) family. We are having lots of laughs and holiday happiness, and I'm in a bit of a cookie coma that makes it almost impossible to coherently write something worthwhile. (By the way, why did my brother decide to get married right after the most gluttonous time of the year?) So, until I am ready to get back on the bandwagon, here are some little tidbits to tide you over:

1. A white christmas is the best kind. Check it out.

2. My family reads my blog and shopped accordingly. Way to go, parents, grandparents, and husband alike. You made for a very happy gal!

3. You cannot beat a good snuggle with your sister.

4. There is something about hanging out in your pajamas until one pm that rivals the Christmas joy of being a child. And, it's restorative to the soul to boot.

5. Cookies are good. I like them. I do not discriminate.

Hope you are making some memories this week. If you are at work today, my sympathies are with you!