Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday Musings

Let's get real up in here.

I could muse about the fact that tonight is New Year's Eve. (An overrated holiday, I think.) I could muse about the joy of being with family over this lovely holiday vacation. (True, but not today.) I could muse about all the holiday bills. (Ah!) I could muse about the fact that my newly tailored jeans are cutting off my circulation. (See here and here for reasons why.) I could muse about the excitement over my upcoming trip. I could muse about many things, but today I can only think of one: acne.

I was a teenager who had good skin. I was a twenty something who had good skin. Now I am nearly 30, and my skin is out of control, on fire, blowing up, going to crazy town.

While this sounds like an entirely melodramatic, first world, utterly superficial rant, I have never really felt as horribly self-conscious and miserable as I have over the past few weeks. Not only do I look a hot mess, but my face hurts like a biotch! I decided that I needed to stop using my current brand of make-up because I scoured the internet and decided that that could have caused/been exacerbating the problem. So, I went and bought a new concealer and wanted to make sure that it was acne safe (if such a thing exists) and the make-up lady said, "Oh yes. I see that acne you're talking about." Um, thanks. As if I wasn't sure it was still there.

Next, I went to the doctor who barely looked over in my direction before prescribing an arsenal of remedies, so I thought, Okay, Meredith, get a grip. This is going to be okay. The next day I was armed and ready, and I started using Retin-A, the hot commodity of acne meds for people of a certain age because it is also an anti-aging treatment; I applied with high hopes. But now, seemingly one millions spots later, I am beginning to wonder if this is a tube of poison. What I've read and been told implies that this horror potion will take weeks (probably at least a month) to start working and in the meantime, things will get worse. Well, they have.

I have no words of wisdom, no miracle cure to recommend, and seemingly no hope as I believe this acne is spreading and will soon eat off my entire face.

But, I am handy with a make-up brush, folks, so I can still venture out in public. At least for the moment.


  1. This may be a silly question, but was "the doctor" a dermatologist? And if so, maybe you could get a second opinion? Especially if the current one hardly pays any attention.

    I have to admit that so far I've been blessed with clear skin. But from everything I've read (skincare a huge obsession of mine), it's near-unthinkable for someone in this day and age to have blemishes. (If they're going to a dermatologist worth his/her salt.)

    Have you tried anything from Cetaphil or Philosophy? We need to take this discussion offline. I'll try to help if at all possible!

    1. Hi Tommy!

      Update, things are totally clearing up! Hooray! I guess that Retin-A is popular for a reason! You just have to suffer because it gets better. Shoot me an email at By the way, I am also newly converted to Cetaphil.

      I'll explain the whole doctor thing via email! :)