Monday, December 17, 2012

Just In Case

J. says that it is impossible to buy me a gift because I tell him a million things I want and I don't allow him any room to surprise me. But, I've always been that way, so why change now? This leopard cannot change her spots. Just in case you aren't sure what I like, dear, here are a few more ideas.
It's been raining like woah. I have the tall Hunters, but I love these short, glossy black ones. And how about some adorable snowflake socks to go with them?
I hated it for about a year, but I am starting to feel a little Cali love.
I wouldn't be disappointed by some loverly earrings...or...have I mentioned this bracelet (a million times) before?
This sweater with its blingy buttons is a steal!
I am a huge Loren Hope fan, and this necklace is so terrific. The stylish Roxy Owens can often be seen sporting it. Need I say more?
Pretty, lacy, ladylike.
How amazingly adorable is this sweater? Major sale.
Can a gal have too many turtlenecks? I'd say definitely no.
And, for the girl who wishes she could wear a blanket to work, the perfect scarf.

Don't forget that Madewell (until 12/24) and J.Crew (until midnight 12/17 ET) are having a 30% off everything sale. Dang! Sometimes procrastination pays.

This week I'm musing on Tuesday. Didn't want ya'll to miss this sale!

Perhaps you'd like a bow!

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