Thursday, December 20, 2012

Interiors to Inspire

It's been too long since we've looked at any interiors up in here. Consumerism and clothing obsession has usurped this blog! Let's get back to some pretty place and spaces to clear our heads. I am not sure that you remember, but a while back I mentioned an online mag that got me jazzed about online mags (of which I had previously not been a huge fan). Well, Adore Home magazine has done it again with their beautiful colors and to die for decor.

Through this magazine, I discovered the work of interior designer Maria Barros. Check out this gal and her showroom. By the way, I highly recommend her website. It is as gorgeous as she is.

And then the magazine featured the work of the amazing Anna Spiro, whose sense of color and pattern floors me every time. I just want to move in to every room she designs. These images are of her store in Australia, Black & Spiro (ampersand alert!).  Remember that Christmas in Australia is during their summer (hence the watermelons and pineapples)!

And then the work of Vanessa de Vargas who is based out of Venice Beach, California and is the designer behind Turquoise. Good things she's close by so when I make my millions I can hire her! Expect a call, Vanessa.

And guess what!? Amazing Ashley, who I so admire (and who showed us what was on her vanity), was featured in this lovely mag! You go girl! Here she is:

I feel very cheery after the color bonanza. Horray! Can't wait until the next issue.

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