Friday, December 14, 2012

Fabulous Friday

This week I unleashed my inner Martha. Tonight we are hosting a Holiday Soiree for a few work friends, and girl got her bake on and whipped up a few batches of holiday cookies. I thought I'd share the recipes because they are all recommended by my taste testers (J. and my brother). Perhaps you too will channel Martha this weekend and make yourself a delicious little treat.

I made both gingerbread cookies (which are waiting for me to decorate them) and snickerdoodles from Joy of Cooking, but the linked recipes are very close to what I did. And then I found these delightful Nutella cookies on the wonderful blog Oh Joy! Chocolate chip cookies with extra deliciousness. 

And now for something completely different:

I have to tell you about my fabulous find: The Speed Freak. This thing is freakishly amazing. It makes my hair look nice and smooth, it gets really hot, and it dries like a wiz. I read about this somewhere, can't remember where, and then (fortuitously) my cheap-o dryer broke. So, I had to get it, and now we are in love. I spend more money and time on my hair than anyone should. But, I spend less time now that I have my handy, dandy Freakinator!

This weekend is all Christmas, all the time. Parties, tea dates, packing for the upcoming trip, and enjoying the company of friends. So delightfully fabulous. Have a terrific weekend!

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  1. We did some serious cookie baking last night too! Sugar overload. The speed freak sounds like the babyliss pro hairdryer I purchased a few months ago. It is SUPER fast and definitely speeds up the process!

    1. Yes! I did have that babyliss pro a few hair dryers ago and it was great. What kind of cookies did you make?