Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas, Christmas Everywhere!

I love Christmas. I am infected with the spirit! Santa's workshop has exploded in my home. Case in point:

It's christmas with a little bling! That J. Crew bow collar necklace was on my Pinterest, but it was sold out on line...and then...a Christmas miracle! I found it buried under a stack of items on Black Friday! And it was on sale! That lovely Lauren Hope tassel arrived yesterday for me to wear to my brother's rehearsal dinner. Love it!

Why do I love Christmas so much, you ask? Well, besides the fact that I am a regular shop-a-holic who literally gets a rush out of being at the mall this time of year (and I am fully aware that that is the crazy in me speaking), I just get this feeling that I wait for with baited breath; it's always been there for as long as I can remember. I attribute a lot of the "spirit" to traditions and family, which are particularly present and important during these months. Growing up, I loved sleeping at my grandparents' house on December 23 to help them set up the house for our Christmas Eve feast. I loved going home late on Christmas Eve night with loads of presents in tow and a sugar high from too many of Grandma's sprinkle cookies. To this day, I still can't sleep on Christmas morning. I love sitting at the top of the stairs at my mom and dad's house waiting for all my siblings to gather before we are allowed to go downstairs and open presents. I love the day after Christmas almost more than I love Christmas;  I love sitting around in our coziest sweaters, eating junk food, drinking wine, and snuggling under blankets we bought my parents as a gift a few years ago. Mostly, I love being with the people I love at a time when everyone seems to be at their best, and that usually feels like it happens at Christmas. What will I be doing between now and December 20th when my vacation officially begins? I will be listening to as much Christmas music as J. can possibly tolerate, and I will be crossing the days off the calendar until I can be home again.


  1. This post is a Christmas miracle while I am drowning in work! Gets me so excited! Cannot wait for everyone to be home!

  2. I feel the same way about Christmas! This definitely got me into the holiday spirit. :)