Tuesday, November 13, 2012

You've Been Waiting...

The chevron wall never appeared, and some of you have been asking about it. So, without further ado...

My husband, the artist. 

Please excuse the television. I hate that it (along with the light switch and thermostat) is in the photo, but that is the wall we painted!  Getting the right color was a challenge. The first color I came home with was too light because the wall is actually cream colored, and I had thought it was white. Then I had some pigment added to the paint, and it came out darker than I intended, but overall I like the finished look a lot. Some alternate views...

Interested in what the artist himself had to say about this endeavor? He weighs in:
As a chevron survivor, I thought I'd offer some pro-tips for those looking to try it themselves.

The painting is probably the easiest part of this project. Before we even picked up our brushes, I made 68 measurements, chalked 34 lines, laid down 288 strips of tape, and cut 144 edges. (Note: This is when being an engineer will come in handy.)
Use a chalk line to mark off a grid on the wall - it's the easiest way to make straight lines over long distances. Just be sure to use only white or blue chalk. The red and yellow varieties are permanent.

FrogTape painting tape is the only way to go. It may be more expensive, but it will give you crisp, clean edges.

Get the color right before you paint. It's one thing to repaint a solid wall if you don't like the color, but you will not want to repaint your chevrons.
Lastly, purchase plenty of beer to keep you hydrated. It's the key to survival. 
Thank you, dear. You're the best. 

Thinking of doing this yourself? If you want any more specific or practical tips drop us a line:


  1. It came out really well - I love it. And the artist is very amusing too :-)


  2. WOW! That turned out amazing. That's not an easy feat; he did such an impressive job. Have you done a house tour? I want to see the rest:)

  3. Excellent project guidelines and results! Your artist is a keeper.