Wednesday, November 21, 2012


My good friend was looking for some pajamas that are appropriate for all the family time coming up around the holidays, so this one's for her! You cannot be hanging out with your in-laws in a lacy negligee or the booty shorts you usually wear to bed (ah-hem, you know who you are). Unacceptable! I am personally a huge fan of the cute flannel sets that always pop up around the holidays. Here are some modest and affordable options.

J.Crew always delivers at holiday time with a new collection of deliciously delightful jammies. This year is no exception. Target has the most amazing deals, and I am a huge fan of their pajamas. This polka dotted pair had me at hello. Seriously. They spoke to me. Jesse Steele has the cutest, girliest prints. Who doesn't want to sleep covered in cupcakes? L.L.Bean never disappoints when you're in the mood for a classic.

I'm ready to curl up in some cozy flannels. What about you?

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