Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Musings

 I would like to start this week with a little apology. I was so busy with travel and whatnot that last week's posts were not my best work! But, I am back and I have so many wonderful and jam packed posts waiting in the wings.

This weekend provided me with some much needed family time. During the past few years I haven't gone home for Thanksgiving simply because it is such a short little jaunt, it comes right before Christmas, and traveling at that time of year is always mayhem. But, we managed to fit a lot of events into that little weekend. It was my sister's twentieth birthday, then Thanksgiving, followed by a bridal shower for the ladies, and a bachelor party for the gents. So, we made the most of our few days! Now, we are back in work mode until Christmas.

I simultaneously find this time of year to be the most wonderful and the most difficult. It is the most wonderful because it is Christmas, and how can you not be happy at Christmas?! It is the most difficult because it is the time I am most sad not to be near my family. It seems like holidays can really only be joyous when spent with the people you love. Last year we didn't get a tree in our place because we knew we'd be leaving for Christmas, and it didn't seem practical. But this year, we are here until the 23 of December, so I say we need to deck our own halls, and bring the Christmas spirit to California! I also feel like I need to hit the gym a little more seriously with my brother's wedding coming up on the heels of the holiday. The plan is get a tree and pump some iron. That should keep my endorphins up until I can get home again!

In news of the strangest variety, my sister got a dog off eBay. No joke. She really did. I thought she was bat-s**** crazy. First of all, she lives in a dorm and is not allowed to have a dog. Secondly, it is a small dog and those things last forever, so highly likely she will have ten year old children before the dog bites the dust. Lastly, she left the dog with her roommates about five days after purchasing it to go visit her boyfriend. So, this did not indicate to me that she was taking her pet ownership as seriously as she should. But, little Ollie did come and spend Thanksgiving with us. While we all decided we are just going to call him a girl because it seems much cuter to have a tiny girl dog, and while he did poop pretty much everywhere there was an area rug in my parents' house, and while I generally find dogs repugnant (as I explained here), I am surprised and shocked to say that I rather liked the little guy. What, you say? Cruella De Ville herself cavorting with a pup? You are as shocked as I am. Perhaps my cold heart is thawing in my old age.

This week get ready for the beginning of the gift guides and makeup tips fit for a wedding! Happy Monday!

images are from my Pinterest (card from Sugar Paper, Los Angeles)

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  1. I totally concur with the idea of getting back to the gym. I've taken two weeks off. Yikes.

    And I love the story about Ollie. :)