Thursday, November 15, 2012

Get Glowing

Beach days are now a distant memory. 

Not that I have ever been a "tanner," but the winter pasty pale is upon me. Even in the summer I don't sit in the sun because 1) it really doesn't do anything except burn me to a crisp and 2) it is really horrible for your skin! But, I also prefer not to glow with a ghostly pallor all year round. All of us, even those bronzed gods and goddesses among us, have to face the long winter, and what can you do but fake it til you can bake it! Here are some winter alternatives that will keep all of us glowly all year round.

Jergens Natural Glow: This is a terrific cheap, drug store product that gives you a subtle natural looking color. It builds up over time, so it starts out nice and light and allows you to customize your color. This is a great option for winter because it is just a touch of sun. I recommend the Medium/Tan color even for very pale skin. The lightest shade doesn't give much of a glow.

St. Tropez: I have not personally tried this product, but my sister, the tan-orexic, says it is amazing. She swears it instantly made her look ten pounds lighter. I say, sign me up for that. She also says that it is imperative that you purchase the tanning mitt for even application. Obviously, this is more expensive than the Natural Glow, but it will give you a darker shade of tan and will do so with one application.

Versa Spa: This is a spray on tan that is applied via a machine. You strip down, step in, strike a pose, and get sprayed. It is super quick and easy. One application lasts for about a week. You can choose how dark you want the color to come out, and you can also choose whether or not you'd like an application of bronzer on top of the tan. The bronzer shows up immediately. The tan develops over about eight hours.

Professional Spray Tanning: I had this done recently for a wedding I attended. On the down side, I had to get naked (so as not to have tan lines) in front of a complete stranger under fluorescent lights. Horrors. I actually chose to wear underwear because I was not going to be wearing a swimsuit, but you can decide just how few lines you want to have! The tanning professional applies the spray, which is custom blended to your skin color and preference. Because an actual person is applying it, the color is very even. You can even get muscles sculpted onto your abs! (I skipped that option). This, like the Versa Spa develops over about eight hours. My tan lasted a full week if not a bit longer. I was amazed. If you live in San Francisco, I highly recommend G-O Glow.

So, if you have a holiday party, a wedding (I do!), a special event, or a romantic evening coming up, get your glow on!


  1. If you can't tone it, tan it!

  2. Isn't it sad that I first heard that said by a child on a beauty pageant show?