Thursday, November 8, 2012

For The Guys

Today brings a little treat for the men out there! 

I have known Chris Heller for years. He was a teammate and friend of my husband's in college and is now a lawyer in his native Buffalo, New York. He offered to share some of the things he's currently liking. He has the added challenge (or luck) of being 6'5". So, his picks are perfect for the tall among you!
 Chris says...
 I don't usually hold myself out as the most fashionable dude: taste issues aside, the range of clothes available for guys with my dimensions is more limited than that of the regular gent.  That said, here are a few things I have bought recently that I like: 
There might not be a strong need for these Palladium boots in NorCal, but they're relatively sleek-looking for warm, waterproof boots.  I also like that they can be snapped down to ankle height, or rolled up for colder days/deeper snow.  Very versatile.
I'm actually on my second pair of these Camper shoes -- I bought my first pair about 5 years ago and finally wore them out.  They're very lightweight and comfortable, and I like the look of the elastic lacing system.
I have these Bonobos pants in a couple different colors.  More than just about any other brand, Bonobos offers pants with flattering cuts for tall guys with athletic builds (most chinos made for tall guys are too loose in the seat).  The gingham lining in the back pockets is a nice touch as well.
On the whole All Saints is a bit too heroin chic for me, but I have a couple of their cardigan sweaters, which are super soft and lightweight.

I received the Jegman "Keys" tie for free with a shirt I ordered from Blank Label and have ordered a couple more of Jegman's designs since then.  I'm not a fan of skinny ties at work, but I like them under a sweater or with a casual blazer.
I ordered this Barbour jacket in navy last year and love it.  Very soft, but warm enough to wear out on chilly nights. 

Thanks, Chris, for sharing your recs with us!


  1. Nice post. I really like the boots and had never seen them before.