Friday, November 30, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Maybe a viewing is in order this weekend...
On my way home from my Thanksgiving trip to visit my family, I found myself on the plane with LOADS of magazines. Usually, I opt for a book to reduce the weight of all that aspiration and guilt, and because magazines are, frankly, a bit of a waste of money. Generally I feel entertained by most magazines for about 15 minutes, and then I'm done. But, I always look forward to Christmastime magazines because I love the gift guides, and I've always had a special place in my heart for Real Simple. So, I checked out at the newsstand with all my goodies (and checked out behind Kate Bosworth no less--yes, really--who in person is not quite as glam as she is on the big screen), and I settled in my seat enjoying Real Simple when I came across this most fabulous quotation that I just had to share in the spirit of Fabulous Friday. It is from the fabulous Nora Ephon's "What I Wish I'd Known" excerpted from her book I Feel Bad About My Neck.

She writes:
You can't be friends with people who call after 11pm. | The last four years of psychoanalysis are a waste of money. | The plane is not going to crash. | Anything you think is wrong with your body at the age of thirty-five you will be nostalgic for at the age of forty-five. | Write everything down. | Take more pictures. | You can't own too many black turtleneck sweaters. | The reason you're waking up in the middle of the night is the second glass of wine. | If the shoe doesn't fit in the shoe store, it's never going to fit. | There are no secrets. | Back up your files. | Overtip. | Never let them know. | If only one third of your clothes are mistakes, you're ahead of the game. | You can order more than one dessert.

I love Ehpron's writing; one of the only movies I've ever owned is When Harry Met Sally. This list made me laugh and say "Oh, for real!" at the same time.

Maybe this weekend, even though I know I don't need it, not even a little bit, and not before that upcoming wedding, I'll still order dessert. After all, one of the pieces of advice Ephron gives that was omitted from this list is "You never know." And that might be the truest one of all.

Happy Friday

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  1. This is indeed fabulous. I love Nora Ephron too and she's always right about everything! :-)