Friday, November 2, 2012

Fabulous Friday

My sister has always been prone to exaggeration. When she was very little, my parents were having a dinner party. She was upstairs playing with the children of some of my parents' friends. During the dessert course, she came trotting down the stairs to announce that my parents' bed was on fire. Everyone laughed and went back to drinking their coffee. About a half hour passed, and she came back and reported the same set of circumstances. "There's smoke," she said with a smile, and then skipped away to play with her friends. By the third time she appeared, my mom and dad decided to investigate. Sure enough, the kids had been jumping on the bed and had knocked a halogen sconce off the wall, which was proceeding to burn through the mattress.

We should have learned our lesson then.

When she texted me to tell me that Sandy was going to be one of the most devastating weather events of our time, I laughed. Oh she is so dramatic, we on the west coast all thought, as if the experience of hauling a burning mattress out onto the front porch and dousing it with a fire extinguisher during a dinner party had taught us nothing. But, yet again, she was right.

I am awed by the pictures and stories of the devastation. My family lives in Connecticut, DC, and Manhattan, and they are all safe. They all have power, and they even got to watch Homeland while on hiatus from work. My soon to be sister-in-law's family lost three cars to downed trees in New Jersey, but they, too, are all safe. Sadly, that was not the story of everyone's families. This Friday, I am so fabulously grateful that everyone I love is safe and sound, warm and dry. If you are someone who was touched in a more harmful way by this destructive storm, I am thinking of you.

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