Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What's On Your Vanity?

This vanity is courtesy of one Miss Sarah Ott. She and I worked together years ago at a summer job, and she is currently a law student in her final year at Ohio State University. Sarah has always been a stylish gal (which you could probably glean from that large and luxurious Hermes box there), so I am excited to feature her vanity this week!

Here are SKO's top pics:

My perfume is Missoni, and I believe they no longer make it.  This has created some stress in my life, and I might have an extensive perfume trial period ahead of me.

The nail polish is Essie in Clambake.  It is the best orange-red that I've found, but you have to do three coats or it looks thin. 

The mascara is Maybelline's Define-A-Lash.  I've tried fancier mascara, like DiorShow and Benefit's Badgal, but I really think this is the least clumpy.  The best part is that you can buy it at CVS.

Benefit's Ooh La Lift supposedly brightens the under-eye area.  I haven't hit the lovely dark under-eyes of finals week yet, but I do think it lightens the area in a nice, subtle way.

I just learned how to use eyeliner very recently (I am twenty-six, so that's a little embarrassing), and this Bobbi Brown long-wear eye pencil in Jet is the only thing I've tried.  So far, so good!

I don't wear eyeshadow on a daily basis, but when I go out, I like this Urban Decay eyeshadow.  The pinky-gold shade adds pop, and the best part is that this shade is called X. 

Like Meredith, I am also a big Bobbi Brown fan - it's easy to use if you want a natural look.  I love her blush in Nude Pink, which is bright, but not overwhelming on my fair skin.

I'm in the market for a new bronzer that works with fair skin and that will get me through the Ohio winter without looking too ghostly pale.  Any recommendations?
               Note: Sarah, I would try Laguna (Nars), Bobbi Brown, or Mac

Finally, I love Kiehl's moisturizers.  I use the Ultra Facial Moisturizer every day.  I've been using the Abyssine Eye Cream for a several years, and I'm not sure if it's preventing crows feet, but it does work well as an eye make-up remover.

Oh and, Burt's Beeswax chapstick, always and forever. 

Thank, Sarah, for sharing with us! 

Would you like to share your vanity? Shoot me an email at theitslikethisblog@gmail.com

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