Thursday, October 4, 2012

Third Time's a Charm

While it is great to get an opinion from the pros, we probably all have our own ideas about what makes up the well-appointed wardrobe. I have to say that I think a few things were left off both DVF's and Tim Gunn's lists. Doesn't a gal need some saucy accessories? I couldn't do without these items (and lots of others, but I was trying to keep the list manageable...). If you want to incorporate my picks into you closet, I think you should get to choose: splurge or save?

Meredith's List of 5 Essential Accessories:

1. A statement necklace - I would give my first born for that J. Crew beauty.

J. Crew or Bauble Bar
2. Delicate earrings - Pearls or sparkles? Either will do!

J. Crew or Charter Club
Kate Spade of Forever 21
3. A watch - Leather bands are back for fall.

Michael Kors or Timex
4. Sunglasses - The eternal question: gold or tortoise? I can never decide.

Ray Ban or American Eagle
Karen Walker or Marc by Marc Jacobs

5. A grown-up wallet 

Tory Burch or Hobo

Would you splurge or save?

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