Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Musings

This weekend took me on a little jaunt to the district (Washington DC) where J. and I visited my sister for her Parents Weekend. My parents met us there for some family fun, and the period of time between my last visit with my parents and this weekend marked the longest I have ever gone without seeing my mother! Two whole months! A little pathetic? Perhaps, but I'm over believing that growing up means growing away. Such a crock of nonsense.

The weekend was what J. deemed "A Whitehouse Family Adventure."
There was some of this...and then a little of this face...followed up by much of this.

Yes, that is one way to sum it up. 

Any adventure with my family inevitably involves lots of eating, lots of shopping, and probably a few spontaneous outbreaks of tears. What I learned is that the desire for attention experienced by two girls, ten years apart, who have both not seen their mother in a long time can result in gladiatorial style competition. It got messy for a minute there.

That being said, girls can always come together over some good shopping, and that we did. By the end of the day on Saturday, we needed some family retail therapy. We had spent many hours in the Newseum (our one cultural excursion of the weekend) where I left convinced that humanity was doomed. This conclusion came about after watching a number of videos on 9/11 and looking at the gallery of Pulitzer Prize winning photos. Talk about a sobering experience. There is a quotation up in the exhibit that says that good pictures make you laugh, cry, and think. There was thinking and crying, but where were the laughs, people? I must have missed those. We followed up that near suicide provoking experience with a glass of wine and another tiff over something, and frankly I hadn't had a good night sleep since the preceding Tuesday, so I was a little off my rocker. What better than being buried in an armchair full of overpriced jacket liners to cure what ails?

On the subject of shopping, the best shopping of the weekend was definitely at TJ Maxx. Have you ever been to one of their stores that has a "Runway" section? I hadn't either. Bananas. I literally looked like a cracked out maniac pushing a shopping cart piled high above my sight line muttering something about Vince sweaters and leather bustiers. Now that was some serious family bonding.

We capped off a family filled weekend of fun with a dinner back in SF with my brother who was in town from Manhattan. The last five days were a whirlwind, and any given moment of the extended weekend might have looked like mayhem and chaos to the casual outside observer, but this is how we love one another, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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