Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Musings

We have just returned from a wonderful weekend in Arizona, which I can officially cross off the list of potential places to live because it is dang hot. For real. But, the wedding was beautiful nonetheless. The groom said that you can tell the caliber of the party by whether or not J. dances. And he danced. A lot. So it was definitely a good party.

I know I've mentioned this before, but I often find that those good days give way to a kind of melancholy when they're over, and that is just what hit on Sunday morning. We had decided to take an afternoon flight home so that we might enjoy our weekend a bit more, but neither of us felt like doing anything. We watched The Breakup, ate some sushi, and began the long drive through the desert back to the airport. I've noticed, too, that the dessert has some kind of effect on me. It makes me feel pensive and even a little bit sad. I am not sure what it is about the expansiveness of the land, the barrenness perhaps, that brings out that emotion. We mostly drove in silence, and I tried to think about what I wanted to say today.

Much to my elation, a number of people at the wedding mentioned that they had been reading and following the blog. Elation gave way to anxiety. It is something about coming face to face with your audience that causes one to suddenly, what the heck have I been saying for the last six months! But, knowing that people are reading made me all the more compelled to write something worth their time. Hence the quiet car ride while I tried to think.

And what did I come up with, you might be wondering, because this does not sound like some well thought out, desert inspired post? It is always in those moments when you feel like it counts that your mind goes blank. And blank it was. And the feeling of melancholy hung around while I tried to unclog my channels of inspiration.

When we arrived back in San Francisco (still blank) and began the drive back to our apartment, I was feeling as uninspired as I had felt when we left Tuscon. And just like that, what song came on the radio? None other than the San Francisco anthem, which I have not heard in weeks as I am no longer commuting by car: Good Life. Timing. Gets you every...well..time. I happened to notice the song when it had gotten to the line about there being nothing to complain about.

How appropriate.

I am not sure why a happy moment doesn't simply give way to more happy moments in my experience of the world. I am sure that much of the answer lies in the fact that I am usually very much in my own head and refuse to succumb on a regular basis to simple joy without the taint of a great deal of analysis. But, as the brilliant vocalists of One Republic (just to clarify--it is difficult to ascertain sarcasm without the benefit of intonation) reminded me, there's nothing to complain about, no reason to be blue just because it's Sunday, and it really is a good life.

Happy Monday. Hope today yours is a good life.

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