Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Killer Instinct

Anyone who knows me knows I am not an animal lover. J. hates when I tell people this openly because he says it makes me seem unlikeable. I must say it anyway. I particularly loathe when people say to me, "Wait, you don't like dogs? Do you like babies?" in a way that implies that because I don't care for pets, I, subsequently, would not care for other human beings. Not so, my friends. Not so. I take my stand today not to criticize those of you who love your furry friends, but to be clear that not everyone feels the same way on this matter (much as I suppose it would be possible for someone not to like babies, which I actually do find horrifying beyond belief).

All that being said, I, in no way, advocate the mistreatment or harm of any kind of animal. So, because most of these heads are made of paper (those that are not were probably found on the forest floor, right?), I think they are safe and would be the perfect addition to my beautiful chevron wall. I feel strange about my attraction to the faux animal head trend mostly because I think it would be weird to have any sort of animal paraphernalia in my home (as I said, I just don't like them--more on that tomorrow), but I am really drawn to this weird wall decor. I am afraid that J. will have a harder road to hoe with a wife who not only doesn't like cute little puppies, but hangs antlers on her wall. It's a tough life.


  1. I was laughing so hard at this! What about all those people who are pet-obsessed and DON'T like kids?

    I've never given them much thought, but I kinda dig the faux antlers....xxo

  2. I never would have thought they would have appealed to me, but they do!!

  3. I'm not a pet-fan, either. I get it that people love their dogs and cats and birds, but they are not for me. It's like having a baby who will not grow up to support you.

  4. That is too funny. I am going to steal your line the next time someone asks me if I like animals!