Friday, October 19, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Shut up. I got my first fan letter. Well, it was an email, but it was perfect. I actually got a little teary when I read it. On Tuesday I was watching the stats on my blog, and I was feeling like I was plateauing. There have been times in this process where my numbers have actually dropped. Then they come back again. And then they even out. I know that this is all par for the course. But, juggling this and work sometimes feels like a lot. On those days, I am desperate to see growth. I want to know that I am reaching people, people who are reading and getting me and my voice. Frankly, there is a not a lot of feedback in the beginning. But, I've read about people who have "made it" and they all said that, at the start, their main readers were a few loyal family members and friends. I do not want to undervalue how much the support means from those people who have reached out via Facebook and email to let me know that they're reading and enjoying the blog. And, at the same time, I long for the day when my little box of subscribers is full and comments are flowing like water. As I was thinking about that and feeling just slightly discouraged, I opened up my email to the most lovely letter from someone who had come across the blog and wanted to encourage me.

"Famous" bloggers probably get these letters all the time. I have never gotten one. I've had a few comments on the blog here and there that have been terrific, but this was a full blown email detailing what I'm doing well. I have often mused on the subject of timing, and this was another one of those divine interventions. I can't thank you enough, Jen (check out her blog: The Elizabeth Letter), and I will keep doing what I'm doing because I know it is reaching and speaking to someone (and not just someone who is related to me and therefore ethically obligated to read what I write).

As if that weren't good enough, one of my absolute favorite bloggers of all time left a comment on a post. So, this week was pretty dang fabulous. I am going to rock on with my bad self and celebrate my baby successes! Happy Friday!


  1. Congratulations - that's so lovely! :-)


    1. Thank YOU for your comments. They mean so much!

  2. You are just the sweetest. I love this! Thank you. I'm so glad we connected & hope we can be great pals. And cheers to Blair from Atlantic Pacific for helping me find you! Have a wonderful weekend.