Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bachelorette Party Recap

So I am sure you are all waiting with baited breath to find out how the bachelorette party went! It was terrific. We had the most gorgeous weather, which is wonderfully rare, and we had lovely company to boot. My sister was instagramming up a storm, so here are some clips from the weekend.

Things started in San Francisco. I put together a spread of "heavy apps" for our Friday night kick off. We had way too much cheese. Way too much. It wasn't natural. But, if you are going to have cheese, you must also have fig jam and good honey.

Please excuse those horrible blinds. Another home improvement project that hasn't been attended to as of yet. They haunt my dreams.

On Saturday, we set off in our white limo (don't even get me started--one of the seats was covered in duct tape--not the limo ride of bachelorette fantasies) and headed to Taft Street Winery, which had a wonderful collection of very drinkable wines although it wasn't actually a vineyard. They also have a bocce court!

The bottom six photos are all from Iron Horse Vineyard, which was STUNNING. Really amazingly beautiful. Look at that limo under the palms! And this place apparently provides a lot of wine to the Supreme Court, so they are legit. They have three different tasting flights, two of which are sparkling. Yum. The vibe is very laid back, and there is a terrific picnic area where we ate more...cheese. Are you sensing a theme here? While some gals like hot strippers and lots of shots, we like cheese.

We finished off Saturday night with a cheese-lite dinner at Beretta in the Mission. Another amazing discovery of the weekend: Uber. Do you know about Uber? It has the potential to be a money pit and, to make matters worse, it is terrifyingly conveninet and made me feel like a celebrity. If you have an addictive personality, do not download this app.

There was, of course, the requisite late night on Saturday, but we were generally quite a tame bunch. The bacehlorette herself got hit on by some very rich men from Dubai (a must at any good bachelorette party), we watched a couple on a date snort coke off a table before showing one another pictures of their children, and we took a ride in a "cab" with a man who may or may not have been under the influence. My type of party. I had a great time, the bride-to-be seemed to have a great time, she wore a tiara and boa, we ate our weight in cheese, and we drank good wine. I think means the weekend was smashing success.

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  1. These pictures are fantastic! And if I had hair like yours...every single photo on my blog would be of myself. Just Saying. :)